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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 26, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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battle of alucsa is what he said. and right before him we heard from the senior spokesmen. both men calling the battle -- the ceasefire now that has been reached a victory for hamas. congratulating the palestinian people for achieving this victory. andrew simmons has been listening in, and he is joining us from gaza. what do we think is different, andrew from this ceasefire that has been announced. now that we know that all factions have agreed to it from the past ceasefires. >> before i answer that doreen, let me bring you up to date. behind me the sky has been really, certainly, moved in -- in essence by the iron dome weapon the israelis used to counter rockets. at least three rockets have been fired and it has been used to intercept them. we have had a lot of military activity intensifying over
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tuesday, at least half a dozen palestinian deaths. there's been a lot of mortar fire across the border into israel from the mall stinian factions, at least a hundred rockets fired. there has been at least ten ceasefires so far, and there is in fact more hope here or not, it would appear there is more hope, because it would seem that this time there is an agreement to stick to the script. that there is going to be a phase process in which there's an opening of the bordering, effective a lessening of the whole pressure on those board er posts with the amount of humanitarian traffic coming in doubled at least. and then a phased process of the fishing rights. the extension of the fishing rights from three nautical miles in stages up to 12 nautical
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miles, and then also, a process in which the rebuilding of gaza, which is absolutely colassal, will start, and israel will be part of that process in fact a main part of that process. furthermore, the humanitarian effort will be increased by a very high degree. the main issues, which is the sea port and the airport are going to be put off for at least a month it would seem. that's a substantive part, but in real essence, answer to your question, it is unclear whether this will stick, but it appears to be the best hope yet. >> there are conflicting reports, andrew on whether this ceasefire starts at 1600 hours or 21 hours gnt, from what you are seeing on the ground do you
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have any idea whether the ceasefire has now started? >> islamic jihad -- we have heard a report that one of the factions in this whole conflict has announced the ceasefire is in effect now. there was a volley of rockets just at the top of the hour in which the iron dome intercepted them. we have heard a lot of noise and drones in the sky. [ gunfire ] >> and there -- that doesn't sound like a ceasefire to me. it could have been celebratory, but there was a definite crunch which sounded like israeli action nearby. i don't think the ceasefire is in effect right now. i'm not going to be absolutely categorical on that statement, but it's unclear. not only do we have this unclear situation with the military position, but also we have a sort of rush to get the
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announcement out. we had hamas try to take the upper ground. then we had the -- the israelis saying absolutely nothing, and then a fairly brief statement from the palestinian president. now that gunfire, i think we can be safely assured is celebratory, and not in any way threatening opposition from here. but moving on from that, as far abbas goes, he was in the position of taking a diplomatic offensive with this, while hamas was taking the military offensive. and the difference here is the palestinians will have its guard as part of the process on the rafa process, as well as egypt, because egypt has also occupied the strip since the coup, and
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that has had an effect on hamas massively. and the palestinians will be involved and hamas will not, and that will effectively assuage israel from its demands that it has cement and iron used to construct tunnels. >> andrew we want to show our viewers some live pictures coming in to us. that's the palestinian president. we were expecting him to make some sort of statement. it appears that he is -- he is speaking -- let's listen in. i believe we do have the translation. i do apologize, we do not have
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the translation. we'll cross over to jerusalem and speak to jackie rowland, jacky the palestinians have made comment and now i believe we have official israeli reaction on the ceasefire. >> yes, we do have official confirmation from israel that in fact a ceasefire has been agreed to. what we're still unclear about is whether or not that's fire has come into effect. there were conflicting reports about whether it would begin around now, or not until later in the evening israel time. however, some israeli media were saying yes, it is in effect, and yet still there have been reports of these rocket alert sirens sounding in certain parts of israel. so still a rather unclear picture about whether that's fire has yet to come into
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effect. but there is a consensus within the israeli media, that there has been a ceasefire agreed to, and it is due to be implemented. >> details jacky as you are reporting, as well as andrew, still sketchy, we're trying to find out exactly what is in the ceasefire. do we know what concessions the israelis would have made? >> from the israeli side, they have been very tight lipped. it took them several hours to even confirm -- >> jackie, i apologize. abbas is speaking. >> translator: providing the gaza strip with everything needed at this moment, and later on we will be having talks about other demands on the table.
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so the efforts have resulted now -- now few minutes ago, point to go back to the negotiations and we have said that seven -- seven -- seven minutes ago a complete stop of fighting will be there the two delegations will go back to cairo to continue their talks. we stress that we fully appreciate the efforts of egypt and long time ago in older to reach a formula that is accepted by all parties.
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we stress again that qatar has played a role in this regard, and it's useful to say that the u.s. secretary of state john kerry has put forth some efforts in order to achieve this goal. so thanks a lot to all of these parties. and we also thank the united nations that will send immediately the materials needed by gaza strip, because the disaster there in gaza is beyond imagination. it is beyond imagination. to stop fighting was the main
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topic discussed with the leadership of hamas in doha, and we discussed other topics that are quite necessary and important as well, which is to enforce and to boost the national reconciliation in order to pave the way for the national reconciliation government to play its role. this needs time and effort, but this is also one of the goals that we have put in our minds since we talked about reconciliation, and the reconciliation -- national reconciliation government. during this period in more than 50 days, we have exerted all efforts in order to provide the materials needed by our people,
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whether from all of the individuals and institutions with us, which is great, because we feel we are palestinians, and we feel the crisis and the catastrophic witnessed by our brothers. we also thank the other countries who helped our people in gaza strip, but this is not enough. this is not enough. and the materials must be in quantity in order to enable the people to live and enable the people to live and to be educated, in order to have electricity and in order for the families that are in hospitals if not the hospitals destructed.
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because the destruction include also hospitals and schools and places of worshipping. this needs a real and quick stance and positions in order to be able to support our people in gaza strip. there is another topic, what is next? what is next? gaza strip in particular has witne witnessed wars 2008, 2009, 2012, 2014. are we expecting another war after one year or two? and to what extent this issue will go on without being sold.
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we will tell leadership our vision, and we will consult regarding this vision. but we need the vision to be very clear, very decisive, very well-known from a to z. because going into vague negotiation is something that cannot go forever. that is what i just wanted to let you know, and thank you very much. thank you very much. >> so that was the palestinian authority president abbas giving a brief statement on the ceasefire deal that we know now has been reached between israel and hamas. andrew simmons is joining us
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from gaza. while abbas was speaking, we were looking at people in gaza celebrating the announcement of the ceasefire. and abbas did speak about the reconstruction of gaza, and rebuilding gaza, and bringing material in. >> yes, very much so. i mean that just before we get into that doreen, the -- this issue -- vexed issue of when this ceasefire takes effect. there has been a lot of confusion about it. hamas says that it is in place now and started approximately 14 minutes ago, and that coincided within the last few seconds before the top of the hour there was the iron dome being used to intercept a number of rockets, at least three fired right before the top of the hour. and after that, we have now been seeing the hamas fighters all over the city, particularly at a
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point where a surprise announcement was kept very closely guarded secret that this statement was going to be made, and it was made in fact here in gaza city, and after it was made very much a pr offensive on this, hamas giving big detail on the whole thing, ahead of the palestinian president speaking, and claiming effectively a victory, and all of this gunfire being sprayed around in a celebratory fashion all over the city. as far as the civilians are concerned, they have been quite wary about this, they have seen more than ten ceasefires come and go. however, will this one stick? many people would still wonder, i would guess that it is for real, but it has to be said that people are clinging on to what they could get there. they are desperate to rebuild
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their lives, and never before has there been such a period of reflection and period of repair both materially and emotionally needed than right now in gaza. we're looking at a situation coming back to the rebuilding issue, where in 2008 and 2009 there was massive amount of madge damage down. this time around officials estimate three times the amount of damage done to the material part of gaza city. at least 350 businesses either destroyed or damaged. more than 2,100 dead. so many children traumatized. so many people in a state of mind where they just don't know where to go next. so in terms of celebration, yes, hamas is celebrating. are the people of gaza celebrating. well, they are probably hoping that the next day will bring silence when it comes to all of the gunfire, and some hope and
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some humanitarian help, more humanitarian help, because this deal will effectively if it's signed and all goes through, and there's no reason to believe it won't right now, it would seem the humanitarian aid will come through at a much faster rate. you will have 600 trucks crossing one check point alone instead of 300. you'll have a massive amount of building materials coming through, particularly from the egypt crossing, the rafa crossing. and there you will have -- according to our information, the palestinian authorities, presidential guard troops have been used as part of the process to verify the materials coming in aren't used for rebuilding tunnels. and then you see the whole process will play out, it is hoped, that they will edge towards stage by stage a confidence-building process with
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the eventual aim of resolving the vex issue of whether or not there is a sea port and airport, and also the demilitarization issue, and also the exchange of bodies and release of prisoners. but right now there is a mood of hope after an appalling sequence of events that has lasted 50 days. >> okay. andrew, thank you. andrew simmons reporting for us from gaza. that is the scene this gaza. he was telling us he could hear some celebratory gunfire, we thinks. over in west jerusalem, jackie roleland is there. we understand that rocket alarms are still sounding in communities along the border with gaza, even though the
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ceasefire announcement has been made? >> reporter: yes, sirens have still been sounding in israelis of southern israel. although the israelis have not been regarding that as a breach of the ceasefire. there haven't been, we are told, retaller to reactions. there could be some wiggle room, if you will, there could still be rocket-launching crews out there in gaza who haven't gotten the message. but we're not hearing any reports of israeli retaliations. >> and israel, jackie has now made an official announcement that it has accepted the ceasefire? >> reporter: it has, although it would seem that this was not
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unanimously approved by all members of the israeli cabinet. we understand there has been opposition from some quarters, some of the very far right members of the government wanted to keep going with the action. clearly they were overruled and the ceasefire has been agreed upon. many people in israel are questioning exactly what has been achieved as a result of this 50-day military campaign. bare in mind there were a few periods of ceasefire in the middle of that. people are asking whether this agreement actually addressed some of the longer term agreements from the israeli point of view. particularly from those neighborhoods in those regions directly bordering gaza. people are concerned is this the same kind of fuj -- fudge as we
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sue in 2012. can they really sleep peacefully at night? can they really be convinced that the ceasefire will hold for the longer term? i think many people think that israel has just agreed to trade quiet for quiet. which puts them back pretty much to square one before this began. >> all right. jackie thank you. we have a professor in middle eastern history joining us now. so from what you have listened to, does it sound like the ceasefire addresses the underlying issue? let's talk about the palestinians first. >> i think what has been announced so far that an immediate opening to all of those cross borders will be happening immediately. so whether the trust started at 7:00 or 9:00, all of those, of
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course, will be open immediately. and this was something the palestinians were behind for years. this trust has been built based on 2012 egyptian initiative which basically called for immediate opening for all of the cross-borders, including rafa, and also called for the restoring of the airport and the port as well. so if israelis, you know, respected this, and they opened those borders tonight this means there is something to be achieved. of course all of international community is needed. and abbas made it very clear that nothing will happen unless there is commitment from international commitment. but the story, if you allow me, doreen, the story of this war, the 50-days war is to be told for next generation, because this is a war that basically killed number of -- of -- of innocent people, and -- and
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destroyed gaza. i think what has been told so far, 60 family members been killed. we have more than -- the damage that has been done by israelis are three times compared with the previous two wars. so there is a different story about this war. there is the lack of international community to stop the war. this today is the 50th day. what hand -- happened before that? there was lack of international community, and there was no real intention to stop this war. >> so what got us to this point? that got all of the palestinian factions including hamas and the palestinian authority and israel, israel was saying it would not go for a ceasefire
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unless hamas was demilitarized. >> yes. >> so how did -- how did this come about and so suddenly? >> yeah, i think -- i think this is the -- the trust of need. both sides actually are under severe pressure. it's hard to deny that all of those palestinian factions have been not affected badly by this war. i don't think so that any of those factions can come and say, you know, we achieved -- we went, but we haven't lost anything. of course they lost people and they lost some of their also equipment, and then there -- there -- there power. of course israeli is the same. just remember, israelis for the first time since 1948, they have a so-called, you know, wave of refugees within israeli cities. israelis are leaving their home with the request of the government because they could not secure them.
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these are new elements. of course none of those two parties have achieved all of their goals. israelis cannot achieve the fact that disarming hamas. hamas also, you know, did not achieve, you know, their goal by saying, you know, we are ready to accept all of our demands. of course you speak about one month out in negotiation, so everything will be calm for the first month. then we start negotiating. this is for the israelis is a victory, because the demand the palestinians want to solve everything from the first day. israelis say no, we have to wait one month and then we can open other matters. so as they say in politics, devils in details. and i think what we will hear in a few hours will give us morecation about who is actually losing, and how much they lose and who is losing and how much they lose.
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but for the time being now, you know, stopping the killing of civilians, this is an achievement. palestinians know that this is -- you know, this is a round of this confrontation between them and the israelis. they did not achieve their own goals. and they know the real battle is to rebuild reza. they have a right to have a normal life. to get life to the people quickly so they can have -- go to schools and can -- build all of what has been destroyed in the last several days. that was something that abbas was just speaking of. thank you for giving us your analysis. these are the live pictures right out in of gaza, that is where gazans are out celebrating, it appears, after the ceasefire deal has been announced. and their spokes people as well
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did come out and make statements, and they themselves, calling the ceasefire a victory for hamas. i'm going to put that question to our senior political analyst joining us live for -- from berlin. this is a victory then for whom in your opinion? >> i don't think there is much of a victory, although what was supposed to be a press conference turned out to be a victory parade, by the hamas leaders. what we have now is a very peck -- peculiar situation. the israeli deterrents was undermined as much as gaza's security was undermines as much as gaza was destroyed. so the parity is between how much israel suffered
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strategically, and how much palestine suffered humanely. 2,158 dead, tens of thousands of injured, and countless buildings and homes destroyed, and on the israeli side, few dead, but primarily the israeli strategic deterrence has been undermined like never before by the palestinians. the situation we're in right now is a truce that takes those two situations in mind. hamas cannot continue with that degree of destruction in gaza, and israel cannot continue as long as hamas keeps lobbing those rockets into the immediate surroundings of gaza, basically forbidding hundreds of thousands of school children in israel to go to school. so it is a very peculiar and pressure situation if you will,
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somewhere this ceasefire and truce is going to continue to be fragile, unless we know more. because at the end of the day, these agreements are to be -- to be judged by the will to implement them and the will to respect them, and the will to take sure that the two parties do respect them. so it is not clear where we're heading now. but there's one thing again that is also very clear, that israel cannot win -- doreen israel cannot win when the palestinians refuse to lose. and what we have heard from hamas now, is despite all of the tears they will still continue to declare victory, and what we have heard from the hamas spokesman goes as follows. we will not give up our arms. this will not be a truce unless the siege is lifted, the crossings are open, and gaza is
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rebuilt. hence all of this is conditional on the implementation in the near and long-term nuture. ♪ hi, i'm lisa fletcher and you are in "the stream," training dolphins to freeing them rick oberry talks about how it impacts the broader health of the world's ocean and chris clooey discusses why it's time to play ncaa players and weighs this on the redskins controversy. ♪